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    • Exclusive: Vivo U10 To Offer 6.35" HD Display, 5,000mAh Battery And 18W Charger In Box
Useful Chromebook guide for beginners
Gizbot | 20th May, 2019 07:00 AM
  • Taking screenshots on a Chromebook

    Chromebooks offer two different ways to capture screenshots natively. You can either capture the full screen or a part of the screen.

    Holding Control and pressing the Switch Windows key will capture a screenshot.

    If you have a Chromebook with a 360-degree hinge, you can press the Power + Volume Down button, this is similar to an Android device.

    In order to capture just a part of your screen, press Control + Shift + Switch Window. Doing so will change the mouse into a crosshair. You can click and drag the crosshair over the part of the screen that you wish to save.

    A notification pop up that appears at the lower right-hand corner of the screen will let you know if the screengrab was successful. All the screenshots can be found in the Download folder.

  • Right-Clicking on a Chromebook

    Similar to screenshots, there are two ways to perform the right-click action on your Chromebook. The most common method to do this is by using the trackpad. Move the mouse to whatever item that you wish to right-click on, after this, tap the trackpad with two fingers at the same time.

    The lesser-known method is by using the keyboard. Press and hold the Alt key then tap the trackpad with one finger instead of two.

  • Rotate the screen on a Chromebook

    There are occasions where it might be more practical to use your device in a portrait rather than landscape view. This is a useful trick to know if you need to flip your screen 180 degrees. Rotating the screen is quite an easy thing to do as well. You can move through 90-degree turns by pressing Control + Shift + Refresh. You can only rotate your device in a clockwise direction.

  • How to Print on a Chromebook

    Printing gets a little tricky on Chromebook before you start, you need to know if your printer is "Cloud Ready." You can check Google's list of compatible printers if you aren't sure.

    If the printer is Cloud Ready, you can use the steps given below as your reference:

    1. Open Chrome and type chrome://devices in the address bar.

    2. Go to New Device section of the page and locate your printer.

    3. Click on Register.

    If your printer is not Cloud Ready but has Wi-Fi capabilities, follow the instructions given below instead:

    1. Open Chrome on a Windows or Mac operating system.

    2. Type chrome://devices in the address bar.

    3. In the Classic Printers section of the page, click on Add Printer.

    4. Mark the checkbox next to the printer you want to add.

    5. Select Add Printer.

  • How to zoom out on a Chromebook

    To zoom in and out on a single app, press Control + Plus or Control + Minus accordingly. If you'd rather change your zoom level across the entire operating system, press Control + Shift + Plus or Control + Shift + Minus.

  • Change a Chromebook’s owner

    The only way to change the owner of a Chromebook is by doing a factory reset or Powerwash. Performing a Powerwash will delete all data from the computer, this includes users and any data in the download folder. To Powerwash your machine, open the Chromebook's settings menu and navigate to Advanced > Powerwash > Powerwash.

  • How to invert colors on a Chromebook

    Using High Contrast mode will invert the colors on your Chromebook. There are two ways to invert colors, the keyboard shortcut is Search + Shift + H.

    The alternative approach is to go to the Settings menu, Opening the menu, going to Advanced > Manage Accessibility Features. In the display section, slide the toggle next to Use high contrast mode into On position.

Chromebooks are designed to make things easier in a lot of fields for a variety of people. Even people who aren't technologically savvy can have an easy time using these. In addition to being perfect for students, these are also perfect for senior citizens.

Chromebooks run on Google's Chrome OS and feature its browser and it is great for simple tasks like emails, social media, and web browsing. Although the operating system is quite straightforward and is easy to use, there are parts of the app that are a little hard to use without further explanation. A how-to guide that explores the features of a Chromebook is available below:

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